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  • Tatami Flooring Rest Rooms Attached to All chartered open-air baths

  • Ryugu "Ki No Yu"

  • Hagoromo "Akatoki No Yu"

  • Kozuchi "Iwa No Yu"

  • Taketori "Ki To Ishi No Yu"

  • Ikkyu "Kurotoki No Yu"

5 Baths in Respectively Different Taste and Rest Rooms with Tatami Flooring

There are five chartered open-air baths in this hotel. In all the baths, natural hot spring flows constantly, but taste of each bath is diversified, and each pool is given different name: for example, "Kozuchi" that was made by hollowing out a rock; or "Ryugu" using cypress. Feeling the season of the year by seeing cherry blossom in spring or red flower of camellia in winter in borrowed landscape, or by hearing a song of a bush warbler in the great nature, the guest can freely enjoy the time of pleasure on himself or herself, or with family or friends.

Chartered open-air bath "Kakulenbo"

Open 14:00 to 24:00
Charge Yen 3,150 per room (except Ryugu at 4,200)
/ per 50 minuets
Toiletries bath towels, towels and cosmetic items