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  • Sample of Seasonal Dish (Additional Order)

  • Sample of Seasonal Dish (Additional Order)

  • Sample of Seasonal Dish (Additional Order)

  • Sample of Seasonal Dish (Additional Order)

The traditional dishes of Kyoto style Using Seasonal Ingredients

"Yamashina"offers the traditional dishes of Kyoto style (Japanese dishes served on a tray to each individual) focusing on seasonal ingredients and transition of seasons. Enjoy the delightful dishes with your spouse, friends or family in a leisurely pace at the chic space.

Grand Dinning Hall

* Please be advised that children under age of six cannot be accepted.

*Dinner for a party of 6 or more people is served at the grand dinning hall.

Cooking Ingredients

To the guests with a food allergy, or who are vegetarians or who cannot eat some types of food due to a religious or other reason: Please inform us on the cooking ingredients that we should avoid and that we should procure, three days before your check-in. We will do our best to respond to your request. However, please be understood that some cooking ingredients may not be procured.

* When making inquiry through the website of us, please fill in the required cooking ingredients in the "Remarks" field. Please be advised that we may directly call or send e-mail to you for confirmation upon receipt of your message.

*Please make sure to request us in advance. We may not serve the ingredients, if requested on the date of arrival.