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Places where Japanese Food Culture is Ingrained

Japanese cousins are served with seasonal food, and to enjoy different meal for each season is Japanese food culture. Japanese chefs focuses not only the ingredients, but also presentation on dishes to produce visual appeal represented by brilliant colors of the material, as well as serving plates and bowls to compliment the food. You can feel the essence of the Japanese food culture in each dish served in this hotel.

Seasonal menu served by ingredients grown in rich nature

Relish the delightful Japanese cousins at the table letting the guests enjoy the seasonal garden scenery. The hotel has two dining halls called Japanese-style dining "Wakana" and Japanese-style restaurant "Yamashina", both of which serve delightful dishes using seasonal foods.

Blissful Time Liberating Adults from the Burden of Day-to-Day Life

Enjoy wine and Japanese sake in a leisurely pace at Bar "Le Bouquet." It is a privilege allowed only for adults to spend a luxurious night at comfortable space away from home.