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  • Open-Air Bath "Kinu No Toride"

  • Open-Air Bath "Kinu No Yume"

  • Grand Bath "Kinu No Yume"

Japanese and Hot Spring

The spirit of Japanese is symbolized by their behavior in the hot spa bath, such as obeying the lower limits of good manners and sharing a same bath with others. In the hot spa bath, you can not only wash off the day's dirt, but also can refresh yourself by soaking in a bath.

Healing Effect of Hot Spring

When you soak in a hot spring, you can feel comfort and relaxation, then have a sense of peace. You can expect the healing effect created by ingredients of the hot spring, and can enjoy the unusually wonderful feeling brought by scenery seen from the pool and special atmosphere in the bath itself.

For information on how take a Japanese hot spring bath, please click here.

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