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  • Boat Trip Down the Kinugawa River

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  • Oku Nikko (Odashirogahara)

  • Ryūzu Falls

  • Kegon Falls

  • Lake Chuzenji

Variety of Activities

You can experience the nature of the Nikko area through various recreational activities whole year round: in summer and fall, you can participate in a boat trip down the Kinugawa river, or rafting, canyoning and canoeing, and winter and spring are good seasons for skiing and snow-boarding.

Short Trip to One of the Largest Wetland of the World

The Nikko Area located at the northwest part of Tochigi Prefecture have many wonderful nature sites where you can enjoy over several days: for example, the Kegon Falls, renown falls representing Japan; Lake Chuzen Ji; Kirifurikogen Highlands known by Nikkokisuge (Hemerocallis middendorffii var. esculenta) grown in cluster in early summer; and Oku-Nikko with 2610.41hectares of wetland, world's valuable conservation site registered under the Ramsar Convention.

Beautiful Landscape Created by Extreme Temperature Difference

The Nikko Area located at the northwest part of Tochigi Prefecture has rolling landscape extending from the downtown area at about 200 meter elevation to the mountain range at about 2,000 meter elevation. The area has an inland climate; its annual mean air temperature is around 12 degrees C in the urban district and around 7 degrees C in the mountain area. It is characteristic of this area that summer time is relationally cool, and that the air temperature in winter time drops below zero degree.

Annual Climate Information of Nikko Area

  Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.
Spring flowers such as weeping cherry and azalea are in full bloom. Many exiting event including local summer festivals are held in July and August. Autumn leaves starts to turn in red and yellow colors in the end of October. December to April is a season for skiing and snow-boarding.
Annual Mean
Air Temperature
2.8 9.3 15.1 19.4 23.4 23.5 20.6 14.3 9.4 1.8 -1.1 1.8
Air Temperature
8.6 16.0 20.5 23.8 28.2 28.2 25.5 18.9 14.6 7.0 4.3 7.6
Air Temperature
-2.0 3.0 10.2 15.5 19.8 20.1 16.9 10.3 4.8 -2.2 -5.5 -2.9
53.0 118.0 172.0 167.5 456.0 261.5 548.8 140.0 87.0 63.5 13.5 68.0

Access from the Hotel to Sightseeing Spots of Nikko / Kinugawa Area

Kinugawa Onsen where this hotel is located is only about 2 hours away ...

Excursion to the World Heritages
in the Nikko Area

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